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Why would I need this?

Did you know that hackers could take control of your cameras, spy your private life and then use clips to blackmail you and ask for a ransom? 

Or your boss could hire hackers to spy on you while you're working from home and then reproach you when you slack off for too long.

Does this cover also microphones?

No, but if you want to cover all bases you can purchase the full suite (microphones + cameras) called Ultimate Stalk Lock. This combination will take your privacy to a whole new level.

Will it scratch my camera?

No, there is a small gap between the slider and the camera, thus no friction will be exerted on the optical units. Your camera is 100% safe with Stalk Lock™.

What's the average shipping time for the Stalk Lock™?

The shipping time may vary depending on region of the world where it must be delivered. For further details, please consult our page shipping.

Do you give a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, absolutely. If you are not satisfied with the product you will receive full refund. For further details, please consult our refund policy.

Does it work on any device?

Yes, the Stalk Lock™ can be easily applied to any device. Our customers say it best suit laptops and tablets but it can be used for mobile phones as well. 

Does it come off easily?

No, the item is very light-weight and it sticks firmly. Once applied, it won't come off unless - of course - you manually remove it. We recommend you clean the surface of your device before applying the adhesive pad. 

Will my laptop screen fold seamlessly?

Yes, the Stalk-Lock is ultra thin. Its layer is almost unnoticeable and certainly won't hamper the normal use of your devices. 

Any more questions?

Please go to our contact page and leave us a message.